25 Wonderful Ways with Coconut Oil

cococnut oil picOk, so everyone’s talking about and it’s not like it’s a new thing – but many of you still wouldn’t know just how great this stuff really is. Can I see a show of hands if you’re using it? Yeah – I can’t see you, so let’s just assume you need more info…… we all need more info!

To say I use coconut oil, well it’s an understatement – I don’t just use it; I live it and love it. Between drinking it and using in pretty much all my beauty products – its safe to say I go through it by the gallon, and I’d like to have the opportunity to buy it by the drum. No, I am not kidding.

So let me go through a few ways you can incorporate this wonderful oily product into your lives too:

25 Wonderful Ways with Coconut Oil

  1. Cooking with Coconut Oil
  2. Add to coffee, milkshakes or smoothies for energy and metabolic boost
  3. To assist with thyroid health, Alzheimer’s and other illnesses
  4. Cleansing your teeth and gums – oil pulling
  5. Skin Moisturizer, Deodorant, Body Scrubs, Lip Balm, Sunscreen (you seeing a trend here?)
  6. Polish wooden or leather furniture
  7. Makeup remover (great for eye makeup!!!)
  8. Anti-frizz hair serum, hair detangler, assists with dry scalp, leave in hair conditioner, helps with split ends, reduces cradle cap
  9. Use as a balm for Massage, Nappy Rash or other sensitive skin conditions
  10. Improves Digestion, Fight Parasites, Reduces constipation
  11. Sensual massage and Natural Lubrication (should not be used with latex)
  12. Belly butter (helps to improve skin elasticity during pregnancy)
  13. Helps remove sticky stuff off household items
  14. Make your own coconut butter or raw chocolate
  15. Use for cuts and scrapes to help heal, soothes bug bites and stings
  16. Helps lower “bad” cholesterol (LDL)
  17. Helps get rid of hair lice
  18. Removes rust
  19. Can be used to sooth your pup’s dry nose, create sensitive dog wash, improve their skin/paws/coat
  20. Use in the Bath as a nourishing oil
  21. Lubricate zippers to help get them unstuck
  22. Cleans soap scum from the bathroom
  23. Tattoo healer or moisturizer
  24. Breath freshener (add a drop of peppermint or patchouli oil with coconut oil and swish in mouth!)

I think this list will amaze you and certainly open your eyes to the possibilities of natural substitutes to a mountain of chemical ridden products in and around your home.

So – why not grab a bottle today? I prefer to use

  1. unrefined
  2. organic
  3. cold pressed

But go ahead and decide for yourself what’s best for you and your family.

I’m going to go and have a bath with coconut oil, Calming blend and vetiver – nighty night!

JT xx

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