Lets talk green cleaning…..

green gloveI walked into a bathroom the other day, and my breath was literally taken away by the toxic smell of bleach. Now I get why people use bleach; they think its the only way to get things hygienic and clean – but seriously, does there need to be so much used that I cannot breathe whilst using their toilet, and why aren’t they considering the environment? Cut to me feeling dizzy and gasping for clean air as I exit…… I’m pretty sure other people used to think just like this when using my own bathroom at home! So my apologies if I fumigated anyone in the past…..

Since 2015 my family and I became a low tox home, using natural options as much as we can. (well mostly me; as I am the one who cleans; lets be serious here…..)

Now I am not ignorant – you cannot eliminate all chemicals from your home and life – its not possible (unless you consider becoming Amish?) and so we started making our own cleaning products. We also make our own bath and beauty products too – because you don’t even want to know what’s going in your body with store bought stuff – but that’s for another post……

I hope you like making this change as much as we have. Since using Nature in place of harsh synthetic chemicals in our home, we have been so much healthier. Our skin is clearer, we have less instances of ill health and our house smells AMAZING!

For those of you seeking Natural Solutions without spending hours scouring the internet – Have a look at my DIY Green cleaning ebook. Green Clean DIY ebook

I’d love to hear your thoughts and feedback.

JT xx



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