About the site

Welcome to JT’s Natural Way- I’m Juley.

So what’s this site about? Wellness. Its really quite simple; I want to help you improve your wellness!

Most people suffer from an intolerance, an allergy, an illness of one form or another; and that certainly doesn’t discount me! I’m like a walking intolerance. So I get it.

I have to limit my diet, use supplements, manage my gut health and use as many natural products as I can. And one of my favourite natural remedies is Essential Oils; pure, therapeutic oils. Ill share with you many ways to use them and what might help YOU in supporting and assisting your body too.

Let me support and guide you to a better, happier YOU. Without all the ‘fluffy’ BS. I get right to the point. I’m real. I’m honest. I’m incredibly passionate about things I believe in – and guess what? I believe in YOU!

Interested? Awesome; well jump right in! view my videos, read my blogs, laugh with me – and even more so; laugh at me. Laughter is so important for the soul.

If you haven’t already seen my Facebook page; jump in there for some other ideas and quick reference! simply click on the FB icon and it’ll take you straight there.

And by all means – contact me. Id love to chat with you directly.

Ciao for now,

JT xx