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So I ordered some oils over the weekend so still waiting for delivery but Juley gave me the free orange oil anyways Johnny came down with the man flu yesterday afternoon and his body was aching and went and bought codrals so had them we were laying in bed and his hot cold hot cold shivering had the body twitches etc you know how it’s gets i couldn’t sleep so was researching doterra (because what else do you do when your waiting for your pack) and anyway the pic of the orange came up with what you can use it for and what would you know cold/flu so instantly thought ‘oh this could work’ I gave him some to rub in his hands and breathe in and the twitching stopped and he finally fell asleep he wakes up this morning asking for more of it 😲👍👌
I haven’t even got my pack yet and the slightly sceptical fiancé is already liking them hehehe 😍🎉 thank you Juley!!!



12 months ago my life was a struggle, I had been diagnosed with food intolerance’s/allergies!
I was constantly on the toilet up to 20 times a day (no kidding), lethargic, hair was falling out, indigestion, headaches and migraines, foggy mind. I didn’t like going out just incase.
My intolerances/allergies diagnosis were: dairy, eggs, shellfish, wheat, corn, nuts, rice, soy, Durum wheat, gluten, fish.
I also was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s disease which is a thyroid condition.
Through a friend I was put onto Juley, who like me had various food issues. I had a meeting with her and I decided I’d give this oil stuff a crack as I’d done everything else including Drs, allergists and naturopaths and nothing had worked for me.
So with Juley’s guidance I ordered my oils as per what was the best for me.
With the help of DoTerra oils and DDR Prime I have turned my life around. I still have an intolerance to Dairy and I still limit the other foods but I can now go out for dinner or away for a weekend and be able to order other things then hot chips and not stress about needing the toilet half way through.
If you have issues in your life that no one else can help you with please give DoTerra a go it’s made my lifestyle so much easier and I’m living life again.
Thank you Juley and DoTerra xx



I met Juley at a party/demo on Saturday but had to leave early as I got a message that my Son was vomiting. As I was leaving Juley gave me some little bottles of Protective Blend and Digestion blend with instructions to diffuse one + rub on his feet and rub the other on his tummy. Less than an hour after I did this he went from leaning over a bowl to telling me ‘I don’t know what you did Mummy but the sickness is all gone now, I don’t even feel yucky”. Thank you Juley! I thought Mother’s Day was going to be me hanging out with a sick, lethargic little boy but you saved the day xxx – Michelle


Ok so you Juley kept telling me to try Oregano on my son’s plantar warts on his feet and my youngest son’s big wart on his leg. I was sceptical with the plantar warts because we had been to the podiatrist heaps of times for freezing and acid treatments. Well I now have to bite the bullet (yes I can do it when I am proved wrong) and say to everyone Oregano is the bomb for all types of warts. Winning.- Annette