So I ordered some oils over the weekend so still waiting for delivery but Juley gave me the free orange oil anyways Johnny came down with the man flu yesterday afternoon and his body was aching and went and bought codrals so had them we were laying in bed and his hot cold hot cold shivering had the body twitches etc you know how it’s gets i couldn’t sleep so was researching doterra (because what else do you do when your waiting for your pack) and anyway the pic of the orange came up with what you can use it for and what would you know cold/flu so instantly thought ‘oh this could work’ I gave him some to rub in his hands and breathe in and the twitching stopped and he finally fell asleep he wakes up this morning asking for more of it 😲👍👌
I haven’t even got my pack yet and the slightly sceptical fiancé is already liking them hehehe 😍🎉 thank you Juley!!!